Discover Renewed Hope for the Prodigals in Your Life

We all know a prodigal—a loved one who has wandered away from God. Standing by as they make wrong choices can leave our hearts heavy with concern and feeling like there’s nothing we can do.

But there is something we can do: pray!

Introducing “Praying for Prodigals,” a 7-day devotional that helps to guide your prayers for the prodigals in your life. Drawing from the timeless Parable of the Prodigal Son, this devotional will help renew a sense of hope and encouragement for those in your life who have walked away from the Lord.

Uncover the depths of God’s love for your prodigal as you explore each day’s theme with thoughtful reflections, prayers, and scriptures. As you read and pray through “Prayers for Prodigals” you’ll discover:

  • Day 1: God Has Prodigals Too
    Explore your role in the life of a prodigal, understanding that their choices are ultimately their own. Redirect guilt into fervent prayer, entrusting them into God’s loving hands.
  • Day 2: When God Ran
    Reflect on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, understanding the power of love and compassion in guiding prodigals back to the Lord. Explore ways to mirror God’s love in your interactions.
  • Day 3: Heart Transplant
    Discover the hope of a divine heart transplant for prodigals whose hearts may seem unyielding. Pray for the renewal of their spirit and the softening of their hearts.
  • Day 4: Rock Bottom
    Find comfort in the understanding that sometimes reaching rock bottom is a prodigal’s path to recognizing their need for God. Pray for their rescue, redemption, and restoration.
  • Day 5: Wholeheartedly
    Pray for a prodigal’s return “with all their heart,” transformed by the experiences and hardships faced without God. Seek a radical transformation that goes beyond surface changes.
  • Day 6: God Loves Them Even More Than You Do
    Be reminded that God’s love for prodigals surpasses our own. Surrender your prodigal once more to the Lord, trusting in His unmatched love and compassionate intervention.
  • Day 7: A Hope and a Future
    Pray the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 for your prodigal, trusting in God’s plans to prosper and give them hope and a future.

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