Rediscover the peace and joy of Christ through prayer

With the growing violence and economic unrest we’ve seen daily in the news, it can be hard to hold onto joy as we see struggle and pain wherever we look. .

This isn’t the first time God’s people have wrestled with unspeakable tragedy and disappointment and, like those times in the past, prayer holds the key to experiencing Christ’s joy and peace.
That’s why we want you to have this new exclusive 7-day devotional ebook Practical Prayers: 7 Biblical Examples of Praying with Purpose.
This practical daily devotional will equip you with inspirational stories of women and men in the Bible who, despite their struggles, found God in prayer.
Each day’s reading features a practical application and prayer you can pray for an area of need in your life and community. The prayers are modeled after those of Jeremiah, Hagar, Job, Paul, David, John, and Jesus Himself.

You will receive…
A Practical Prayer for Our Nation
A Practical Prayer for Times of Trial
A Practical Prayer for Those in Distress
A Practical Prayer for God’s Will
and more!  

 You’re not alone in your struggle. Believers throughout the centuries have faced circumstances like the ones you’re facing now and found God in the middle of them.

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Regardless as to how long you've been a Christian or even how well you may know the Bible, reading the Bible consistently can deepen your relationship with God and help you grow in your knowledge of Him.  

But reading through the Bible in a regular cadence, in it's entirety, can be a challenge. 

That's why we want to help you.We can help you stay committed to reading the Bible, but more importantly, we can help you meet with God every single day. 

To do this, each week we will deliver a new set of Scripture to read that week. Whether you read a new Scripture each day or read it a week at a time, at the end of the 52 weeks, you will have read the Bible from beginning to end!

Through this free weekly reading plan, you are not just following a schedule or checking off your Bible reading for that week, you are drawing closer to the Lord and experiencing true life change through the wisdom, truth, and perspective found in His Word.

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